Self-esteem and Care Plan

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Bi Describe two ways of finding out about the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual using the service.

* By asking the individual at their initial assessment, a full history should be taken as part of their care plan

* By referring to past notes from social care workers, GP's and family

Bii Describe two ways of making sure that the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual using the service are recognised in a support plan.

* By regular evaluation and updating of their care plan

* By discussing it with the individual and any involved family

Biii Explain how a care plan helps social care workers work in a person centred way.

* The care plan for any individual is to provide the care and support that they want. The individual is the centre of the care plan and it is usually developed by the person themselves with support from family and friends. Care plans for how people want their care delivering are a vital part of working in a person centred way, a large part of this is for them not only to voice what care they want but also to look at what each individual can do for themselves and ensure that the service does not take over ant aspect of their care that they can manage themselves

Biv Define what is meant by the term “active participation”

* This is the involvement of an individual or a group of individuals to govern their choices, it is where a service user is totally involved in deciding, planning and reviewing their care plan

Bv Give two examples of active participation explaining how the individual using the service may benefit from being fully involved.

* Giving the individual choices about what they would like to wear so that they feel actively involved in their own care

* Being involved in a group or community so they are able to build friendships and relationships of their choice, just feeling part of something can promote a sense of self worth and independence

Bvi Describe three examples of barriers to active participation and how each can be overcome.

* Physical – Allow individuals to keep what independence they have and support them to do what they can do for themselves. Choose social settings that are accessible and appropriate

* Mental Illness - Treat the individual with respect, be calm and precise. Praise any decisions made. Work in partnership with other professionals to achieve the best interests of the individual

* Refusal to cooperate – Listen to their point of view and be non judgemental. Clarify the situation and be specific about the benefits to encourage a positive outcome

Bvii Describe two ways of encouraging active participation.

* By giving praise and positive responses to the individual when they have made a choice, this will give them the confidence to continue making choices about other aspects of their lives

* If an individual has a particular hobby or interest we could look into any local groups or workshops that could support and encourage them. This would increase their self confidence and help them maintain some independence

Bviii Expalin how the identity of an individual using the service is linked to their well being.

* Your identity is what feel about yourself, if you are an independent, able and confident person you will feel good and happy about yourself and your well being will be a positive one. If you depend on others and feel you don't have choices in your life then you can have a low self esteem and have a negative well being. Therefore for all our service users we must promote and encourage choices, decisions and encouragement in their lives

Bix Explain how the self esteem of an individual using the service is linked to their well being.

* A person with a low self esteem will have a more negative approach...
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