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The Self-Esteem Movement
In 1969, Nathaniel Brandon published a book called “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” which argued that self-esteem is a psychological requirement within us. Eventually, he became the father of this self-esteem movement, changing the importances in the methods of parenting and education. Many people today, however, argue that this has spawned a generation who think too highly of themselves.

Parents and teachers who supported Nathaniel’ s argument began to praise children for everything, which consequently gave children a false sense of achievement and a surplus of self-esteem. This became detrimental as it developed an “I’m too good” attitude in children who have yet to experience failure.

On the other hand, teachers noticed that the students who were more confident and willing to take risks were also more likely to be successful. The right amount of praising encouraged students to confront challenges and in becoming more confident while overcoming them. There are no problems in building up a child’s self esteem, however it should only develop through the product of their success.

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