Self Esteem

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Page 2 Forward Page 3 So. . . . What Is Self Esteem? Page 4 Tip 1 Access The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Page 5 Tip 2 Practice The Art Of Good Deeds, Good Find's Good Page 6 Tip 3 Activate Your Positive Chemicals. Think And Feel Better Page 7 Tip 4 Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude Page 8 Tip 5 Visualize Your Way To Self Esteem Page 9 Tip 6 Live A Life Of Laughter Page 10 Tip 7 Become Your Own Best Friend Page 11 Tip 8 Live In The Present, There Is Nowhere Else Page 12 Tip 9 Develop The Skill Of Empathy Page 13 Tip 10 Accept All Compliments With Thanks copyright J D Vanstone 2009 (C)

Ten Ways To Greater Self Esteem Forward

Hi, I have worked in the field of counselling and coaching for some time now, and I am always amazed at the God given ability we humans have to improve our lives for the better. There has been great philosophical debate throughout the centuries, as to 'why we are here', and 'what life is about'. In simple terms, people of all walks of life have fundamentally come to the same conclusion. That is, we are here to make what we can of life, to lead meaningful relationships, to reproduce, and master areas of our own choice. Happiness is an achievement we can come to know and love, through improving our thoughts and beliefs about the world and each other.

Maybe you are reading this book because you wish to improve your own self esteem, if so I am quite sure the things you shall learn about will help you greatly. Maybe you are reading this book because you have things going on in your life which you are struggling with. If this is the case then please do read on, as I know the ideas you will get from this book will have some benefit to you both emotionally and psychologically. Or, maybe you are reading this book because you want to feel better today. While I can not promise immediate relief from inner burdens, I can ensure you that if you are to take some of the ideas in this book and practice them like you would a hobby, self esteem will happen for you copyright J D Vanstone 2009 (C)

So. . . . What Is Self Esteem?
Put simply, self esteem is a person's own evaluation of themselves psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Self esteem is mainly about the worth we give ourselves, how much we like ourselves, and how well we feel about ourselves. Self esteem is something we have internalized over time, and has often been influenced by other sources such as friends, family, and any significant other figures in our lives. If a person is told that they are 'not good enough' over a certain period of time by a close one; or colleague; or teacher for example; it is likely this person will to some extent have believed the criticism as 'truth'. We can often be tricked into thinking rich and successful people have undoubtedly got the highest levels of self esteem. This however is an illusion. Our lives can be broken down into different categories and, while career; wealth; and status are three particular categories; self esteem may be lacking in family, relationship, and health categories for example. We are all human, so it follows that our self esteem will fluctuate throughout the different changes and challenges we meet.

So. . . . Why Is Self Esteem Important?
Self esteem is important because it gives you the piece of mind you need to appreciate your own life and the lives of others. Self esteem, brings a person joy; confidence; well being; and wholeness. A person with a good level of self esteem, has the ability to live life joyfully regardless of set backs. The good news is, improving self esteem is easy when a person realizes that she/he can take responsibility over there own thoughts feelings and behaviors. Improving self esteem is as easy as taking up a small hobby such as reading. Learning to do self esteem enhancing exercises will lead you toward a...
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