Topics: Happiness, Self-esteem, Person Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 7, 2013
People saw that when you love something you should set it free. The ideology of a Samana lives true to this statement. Something that I loved was makeup, or the appearance that it brings. So I decided to give up the thing that made me comfortable and happy. Makeup. I chose to give up makeup because I feel that it is a social tradition that I find stupid. I think that makeup makes girls feel even more insecure about their flaws, and they have lower self esteem. I also chose it cause it is something that I love to do, depriving myself of makeup was depriving myself of a hobby that made me happy and comfortable, jus like the Semanas.

Makeup brings many girls the self confidence it takes to go throughout their day. I learned throughout this experience how important others opinions were. I learned how bare my face felt without it, and how different I felt. Because I noticed these things I realised how strong a person I have to be without makeup (or things that make me look like what people want). I noticed how much people expected of me and how much they judged on simple facial features. I learned that I felt much better about myself when I was around those who I trusted would not judge me, for example my family or close friends. My personality is what makes me, but people did not care what my great characteristics were if they could see the simple flaws on my face. This made me upset with myself and I felt that I needed to make it more evident that there was more than meets the eye. Sometimes I felt obligated to wear makeup, like society had ingrained how important it was for me to "look the part". Overall, I feel that I have become a stronger person through this process and how important it is to notice my self worth and individuality.

I felt connected with Siddartha in the aspects that once I ridded myself of the " mask of appearance" I could see the more important aspects of other people and myself. " I called the world of appearances,...
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