Self Confidence

Topics: Communication, Psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (743 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1. How to improve your own Interpersonal communication competence. Although the art of communication is sometimes perceived as an innate skill, one can learn to develop or enhance this skill. One may ask how? The answer is simple; by adapting and adjusting to the person’s behaviour in order to convey a message that is well understood, that will produce the desired results without compromising the communicator’s self-respect. 2. How to improve your self-esteem (pg 29)

To every effort amounts good results. When it comes to improving my self esteem, I will start by speaking good things about myself with utter honesty and moderation, not dwelling in my past failures, or even on my past achievements. Envisioning who and where I want to be in the future gives me the drive to strive towards the goals I need to achieve in order to reach my dreams. Comparing myself with others can be destructive, and produces the feeling of lacking. I’m therefore learning to see myself as unique and perfectly designed to be myself. Seeking help from a good, sincere and honest friend when I’m on my lowest helps me to see that alone I cannot make it. This is what I do to improve my self-esteem. 3. What are the barriers to accurate perception? (Pg 54) A major barrier to accurate perception would occur when we make hasty conclusions on a perceived behaviour taken by first impression when we focus on the negative. This results in an individual imposing his or her behaviour without taking time to get all information about an individual. These are barriers to accurate perception in Interpersonal communication. Attitude becomes the major determinant of behaviour.

4. How to improve listening, comprehension and responding skills? By empathizing with others; meaning placing ourselves in that individual’s position in every aspect: * Emotionally
* Physically
* In his or her situation, whether it be financial or other areas We take time to listen to his/her case...
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