Rural-Rural Migration

Topics: Ecology, Cross River State, Rural Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Topic: The Effect of Rural-Rural Migration: A case study of the people of Akwa Ibom State in the Rural areas of Cross River State. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM
The problem of this research is to investigate the missing link in a rural setting that ignites the migration of a people to another rural area. The lingering issues are: What makes the modern migratory phenomenon unique? Is this latest trend of rural-rural a migration of people or labour? Could it be propelled by land-hunger or different ecological zones such as the savannah, sahel, or forest belt? Is it as a result of the pursuit of sheer survival, the search for better opportunities and improved conditions, and of course, the consolidation of advantages and benefits? Again , could the trend be in line with the consensus that these migrant which included traders, farmers, fishermen, transporters and prostitutes provide their own brand of services? The above prevailing factors and many more shall be addressed in the course of this research. RELEVANCE OF THE STUDY TO SELF AND SOCIETY

The study will help to broaden my knowledge on the issues of the increasing rate of rural-rural migration in Nigeria and the extent to which it can make or mar the economy and social relationship of the host society. The development and ideas that accompany the "just arrived". It will also address the issues of idleness and unemployment in the society at large. OBJECTIVES AND AIM OF THE STUDY

The research work seeks to achieve the following objectives: 1. To determine the economic development of the host rural settlement. 2. TO ascertain the peaceful co-existence of the host rural society and their greener pasture seekers. JUSTIFICATION

Based on the fact that in all human societies, the phenomenon of migration is not new in Nigeria. As such, modern migrations are migrations of labour, not of peoples. That is to say that the migrants take their place in an organized and structured host...
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