Rural Economy

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“My Bengal of gold, I love you
Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune
As if it was a flute...
What a quite have you spread at the feet of
Banyan trees and along the banks of rivers… “

There goes Bangladesh’s national anthem. The culture of this subcontinent contributed directly in forming this Bengal as “The land of gold”. Thus cultural practices are prominent and important features of the living style of people in Bangladesh. The debate on life can go on forever without coming to a particular conclusion. Life goes on in a certain way in the rural areas and in another way in urban areas. The life struggle of the people in the rural areas and in the urban areas is very different. That's why it is not really a very good idea to put on some fancy thoughts regarding the rural life sitting in an urbanized atmosphere. It is an imperative to come out of the shell of urbanization and go to the rural areas if someone really wants to understand the rural life.

Bangladesh is a small country in the south Asia. Its main economic source is agriculture and the main occupation of rural people as well. Bangladesh is basically rural in character having an agro-based economy. Agriculture contributes over 35% of GDP and employs 60% of labor force. Over 80% of the foreign exchange earning comes from agricultural and its related products.

. So this course was a true revelation; it was my encounter with the reality of rural life. I gained a varied set of experiences during our visit to the village Golora in Manikganj district. In this report we have tried to depict the most enlightening details that these experiences have taught us. To see the real situation and to have a true taste of the rural life, The idea that we had regarding the village and the villagers was tested during this Live-in-Field Experience (LFE) program. Poorly constructed huts, people submerged in green & pleasant environment and some hardworking people-these are the ideas most city dwellers, like us, have regarding rural life. But it is not the case now-a-days. The picture of rural areas is changing and these changes are occurring quite rapidly. Through the LFE program the students here in Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), get an opportunity to know the rural life. This course introduces us to the rural life style and the related problems. It helps us to understand the people, their way of life, their sufferings, their needs and wants. This time it was twelve-day trip organized by IUB at Manikganj, in Proshika. We went to Proshika, Manikganj in the first slot. Our program started on 2nd January 2013 and ended on 13st January 2013.

1.1. Objective of the Report:
Bangladesh, as a rural and developing country, has been showing a trend of progress by going through the process of urbanization and industrialization. Since 70% of total population depends on agriculture for sustenance and employment, peasant economy is the main mode of production in Bangladesh. The large-scale migration of rural population to the urban centers made the systematic understanding and study of the village community imperatively essential for each and every concerned citizen of the country. The focus of our LFE (2013) is also on this very objective. The purpose of LFE is manifold. One of the prime objectives of the study is to familiarize us with socio-economic condition of the villagers. Our lives in the cities are independent from those of villagers and therefore our only exposure to rural life is via this LFE program. It is important to gather both positive and negative social changes that have taken place since the liberation. The main study areas on which we are required to concentrate are: a) To get introduced with socio-economic realities of rural life. b) To gain experience of working with rural people in their traditional environment. c) To get the Health and Health Services of the village peoples. d) To get Economic...
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