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Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

By the end of this program you will be able to –
 Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
 Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
 Assess alcohol affected customers and identify
customers to whom sale or service must be refused

 Refuse to provide alcohol

What is Alcohol?
Liquor is a spirituous or fermented fluid of an intoxicating nature intended for human consumption. Alcohol (or ethanol)
is also an addictive drug, however, and its misuse is
associated with a wide range of dose related adverse
consequences that can lead to significant harm to the
individual and society. Its consumption in moderation can lead to feelings of relaxation and euphoria, causing it to be
consumed widely in many social scenarios and across the
socio-economic spectrum.

The Path of Alcohol in the body
1. Mouth: alcohol enters the body
2. Stomach: some alcohol gets into the
bloodstream in the stomach, but most
goes on to the small intestine
3. Small Intestine: alcohol enters the
bloodstream through the walls of the
small intestine


The Path of Alcohol in the body
4. Heart: pumps alcohol throughout the

5. Brain: alcohol reaches the brain
6. Liver: alcohol is oxidized by the liver
at a rate of about 0.5 oz. per hour
7. Alcohol is converted into water,
carbon dioxide and energy

What is alcoholic beverage?
An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing alcohol.
Alcoholic beverages are divided into three general
classes: beers, wines, and spirits.

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
RSA means acting within law by dispensing alcohol in a
responsible manner, being aware of your duty of care
towards patrons, other workers and general community.
Responsible service of alcohol involves encouraging
customers to drink within appropriate limits. This limits may vary depending on the physical and mental state of the
person, however, the law indicates that 0.05 blood
alcohol level is a standard.

Adverse effect of alcohol
In Australian society, the most widely used drug is Alcohol
and production and consumption of alcoholic products
makes a significant contribution to the economy. But on the
other hand, alcohol abuse leads to various serious problems
to the community like social and economic issues, health
issues, reduced workplace productivity, accidents, drink
driving, violence, loss of life and other forms of crime. All the alcohol abuse adds up huge costs to the Australian

Type of people which are at higher risk than
others, from the adverse effect of alcohol
 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
 Minors
 Women

 Young customers
 People from non-English speaking backgrounds

 People affected by the consumption of illicit & other drugs

Why RSA?
With the help of responsible service of alcohol practices and training, we can reduce the problem of alcohol abuse and also the costs associated with it.
It is the responsibility of a person who is servicing alcohol to give accurate information to customers on alcoholic beverages in accordance with house policy and government regulations.
The information can include about –



Standard drinks

Alcoholic percentages of a range of frequently served drinks

Benefits of RSA
 For customer – safer environment, stay longer and
improved health
 For premises and staff serving alcohol – reduced cost
for security, safer workplace and staff wouldn’t have to deal with bad customers, reduced legal problems
 For the community – less complaints, reduced violence
and less

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)/ Blood Alcohol
It is usually expressed as percentage of alcohol i.e. a
BAC of 0.05 means 0.05% (one-twentieth of one
percent) of a person’s blood, by volume is alcohol.
The law indicates that 0.05 blood alcohol level is a

Factors affecting BAC of different people or
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