Reunion: Alcoholic Beverage and Boy Charles Father

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Family, Social status Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Reunion by John Cheeves:
1: Describe Charles and his father
Charles is a younger boy
Charles´ father is big and good-looking man. He smells of after shave, whiskey, shoe polish and woolens. He is boisterous. (Jeg kan ikke finde flere facts, som beskriver de 2 personer)

2: Characterize Charles and his father.
I do not know how old Charles is, but he must be about 17 years or about that age. The reason I think he must be about that age is, that he is travelling by train alone to New York. The waiter is not sure, if he is allowed to drink alcohol. I think Charles is a polite boy. He is not boisterous and impertinent like his father. I know from the story - Charles has father, mother and grandmother.

Charles´ father is divorced from Charles´ mother three years ago. We do not know his occupation, but I think he could be a international business man or at least a kind of Boss with a high income. He speaks several different languages. He has a secretary and he is a member of a kind of club, which could be for men with a higher social status, job or income. I think Charles´ father is an alcoholic. Already, when he met Charles at the station, he smelled of whiskey. Later at the different restaurants, he seems to be more interested in the alcohol, than the food. Maybe that is the reason for his behavior, when he speaks to the waiters at the restaurants in a boisterous and impertinent way. I do not think Charles´ father is not a good father. He did not use the short time, he had together with his son in a good way, if he wanted to see his son again.
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