Research Paper About Population Explosion

Topics: Demography, Population, Population ecology Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: December 15, 2012
What is population explosion? It is a rapid increase in size of the population caused by such factors as a sudden decline in infant mortality or an increase in life expectancy. One factor to consider is the death rate and birth rate is not in balance. This means that rapidly growth increase was mainly caused by decreased death rate and an increase in birth rate. To the extent the number of birth rate exceeds the number of deaths. Population explosion is one of the serious problems in our times now. Over the past years, our population is dramatically increasing. Our numbers are expected to rise again in the next years. Here in the Philippines, our population today had estimated to reach 103,775,002 according to the CIA World Factbook. We landed on the number twelve spot on having the largest population in the world. This problem caused bad effects to the lives of many Filipinos, financial crisis, economy and environment that lead to severe poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, violence and crime, other large population related problems. Due to population explosion the Philippine economy is getting smaller and smaller and a hindrance to improve the way of living. How come there are countries with higher population than the Philippines have still high economic rate and rich in resources? Do the government been effective in controlling population growth? The significance of this problem to our present times is that the overly increasing population hinders our aspirations to become a globally competitive country. Our government will surely have high hopes for our country only if the people and constituents behind are more cooperative. Sadly we all suffer from the worst effects of overpopulation. Here are some places that we can see how intensely crowded we are: hospitals, health clinics, public schools, buses, jeeps, trains, roads, slum and squatter areas. The rapid urbanization is also another factor contributing to this problem...
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