Research Case on Radio Effects

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcohol, Alcoholism Pages: 19 (6537 words) Published: March 19, 2013

A Research Paper
Presented to the Faculty of
The School of Mass Communication
La Consolacion College Manila
Mendiola St., Manila

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course
Research Case and Analysis

Apostol, Kerstie
Diaz, Khristiana
Gonzales, Patricia
Hidalgo, Celina
Maristela, Jelica
Munoz, Tash

March 2013
Title of the Research: A Causal-Comparative Study on Alcoholic liquors and its Perceived Effects on College Students of La Consolacion College Manila

Authors: Apostol, Kerstie
Diaz, Khristiana
Gonzales, Patricia
Hidalgo, Celina
Maristela, Jelica
Munoz, Tash

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication

Date of Completion: March 2013

The causal-comparative study assessed the impact of the alcoholic liquors; the cause and its perceived effects on college students. The study is anchored on the concept of how alcoholic liquors can affect the students.

These findings imply that most of the students are drinking and their age ranges from eighteen to nineteen and they are drinking when there are occasion and also when they experience peer pressure.

The study concludes that students are subjected to moderation. They are in need of supervision because of the sudden increase of teenagers who consumes alcoholic liquors.

Chapter I
I. Introduction
Alcoholism is considered a vice because of the negative effects it brings about not only on the health but rather on the whole personality and worldview of a certain individual. It seems that during all the important events in an individual’s life, alcohol is always present. Some believe this is because alcohol, when consumed temporarily provides a respite from one’s current difficulties. For others, this is done more for social reasons, as alcohol tends to loosen up societal barriers. Hence, it allows imbibers a certain degree of freedom and enjoyment not normally possible. Still for some, alcohol is consumed for no reason at all. Regarding the issue of alcohol consumption, the continuous use of this substance may lead to different types of illnesses- ranging from liver complications to cancer and even to mental impairment. Consumption levels are irrelevant when it comes to pregnant women and children as it still causes them bodily harm. In recent times, it cannot be denied that alcohol consumers are steadily getting younger and younger; most prevalent in the cases of students. Due to the brashness of youth, activities that are deemed unessential are sometimes included and most of the time given more attention as opposed to more important things. Considering that the youth are the living embodiment of the hopes of the nation, how much impact does alcoholism have on their lifestyles and their studies? Can Juan dela Cruz really entrust the future to them? They who most often prioritize things that do not help them in the long run? Therefore the researchers are conducting this research to further analyze and to discover the different cause and effect of alcohol to the lifestyle of college LCCians students.

II. Conceptual Framework
The main thrust of the study is anchored on the concept on how alcoholic liquors affect the students. EFFECTS OF LIQUOR

III. Statement of the Problem
This research is conducted to know the Cause and Effect of alcohol to the college students of La Consolacion College Manila and to answer the corresponding questions below: 1.What are the reasons of the college students of La Consolacion College Manila in drinking alcoholic beverages? 2.Do alcoholic beverages affect their studies?

3.What is/are the effects of alcohol to their personality?
4. Does alcohol affect the lifestyle of college LCCians Students?

IV. Assumption
We believe that...
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