Relationship Between Self Esteem and Achievement

Topics: Motivation, Conceptions of self, Self-esteem Pages: 15 (4995 words) Published: May 26, 2010
The present study explored the relationship between individual self esteem and achievement. The sample of the study consisted of 85 respondents working in the private sector of Pakistan. A total of 21 companies were visited for this purpose. It was hypothesized that individuals having self-esteem will also have high achievement. Two scales were used to measure self-esteem and achievement. Self-esteem scale comprised of 13 items and the achievement scale also comprised of 13 items measured on 6 components of achievement. Both questionnaires were given to each subject and analyzed afterwards. The results indicated that those subjects scoring high on self-esteem scale also scored high on achievement scale. The results are significantly reliable and positively co-related with each other. Although it has been suggested in previous studies that self-esteem is associated with achievement but such studies have been carried out among students in educational institutions. This paper focuses on the private sector in Pakistan where no such research has been conduced so far. Index Terms – Self-esteem, Achievement.

Achievement motivation in managers has long been viewed as an ingredient of organizational performance. Research work on achievement motivation among managers has studied the relationship of achievement with various variables but no research has so far been carried out studying the impact of self-esteem on achievement motivation. A rationale for measuring self-esteem and achievement stems out from the fact the fact that no research has so far been carried out on these two from an organizational perspective. Our focus is to highlight this association and what benefits it might bring for the organizations when filling their managerial positions. This paper will help companies in Pakistan understand the need for high self-esteem people in their work environment and what impact these individuals will bring to the organization’s performance. REVIEW OF LITERATURE ON SELF-ESTEEM AND ACHIEVEMENT

Self can be explained as “that component of our consciousness that gives us a sense of personal existence” (Hamachek, 1992). Nathaniel (1987) added that the need of maintaining positive evaluations of one’s self is vitally important. According to him, self-esteem has two integrated parts, first entails a sense of personal efficacy and the second addresses a sense of personal worth. We can say that it is the integrated sum of personal confidence and self respect. Self-esteem is an individuals’ private feeling towards self that is derived from one’s perception and appraisal of different attributes of self and is indicative of the value placed over one’s own self. It is the general feeling of worth and competence associated with one’s self. These evaluations and feelings about the self affect responses and shape one’s behavior towards different aspects of life. It is an important judgment passed by the person himself/herself. This judgment reflects the degree of self respect and self confidence that a person can have. Researchers have shown that self-esteem plays a vital role in an individual’s psychological health. A certain level of self\esteem is necessary for an individual in order to function effectively and in a positive manner. An individual’s self-esteem is a cluster of attributes about himself. Some are favorable and others are unfavorable. These clusters consist of generalizations, which are made on the basis of interactions with environment. Self-esteem is derived from one’s personal experiences, from others’ judgments and from identifications with key figures such as parents, siblings’ and friends. Self-esteem is not reached in a day; it is the cumulative results of defaults, evasions and irrationalities, a long succession of failures to use one’s mind properly. Many classic theories of personality have addressed self-esteem needs, many problems (emotional and behavioral) attributed to...
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