Relationship between Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement of Grade Six Pupils

Topics: Self-esteem, Motivation, Roy Baumeister Pages: 14 (4860 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Chapter 1
The term self-esteem comes from a Greek word meaning “reverence for self”, the “self” part of self-esteem pertains to the values, beliefs and attitudes that we hold about ourselves. The “esteem” part of self-esteem describes the value and worth that one gives oneself. Basically, self-esteem is the acceptance of ourselves for who and what we are at any given time in our lives (Page and Page, 1995). It can also be the the overall evaluation of oneself in either a positive or negative way. It focuses on the three aspects of life: self-confidence, self-worth, and self-efficiency (Ubayubay, 2004). The self-esteem development of the students must be taken into consideration as they go along in the educational process. Students must identify their self-worth and self-efficacy so as to gain self-confidence, self-reliance and self-competence, and be able to act indepedently, assume responsibility, take pride in their accomplishment, tolerate frustration, attempt new task and negative emotions, and offer assistance to others. Otherwise, they will feel unwanted, unloved and indifferent, avoid trying new things, put down his talents and abilities, blame others for his own short-comings, unable to tolerate a normal level of frustration and be easily influenced (Lawrence, 2000).

Solomon (1992) once stated that healthy self-esteem is an essential component for learning, and it facilitates or inhibits learning for an individual regardless of age. It is also recognized to be a major factor in learning outcomes (Lawrence, 2000). Hence, it is not just enough that teachers perfect their professional and personal dealings with their students, for there is still a need to consider also the pupils who are the key participant, clientele and the patron of the educational process by knowing their diverse personalities. Moreover, Gallozi gave his definition about self-esteem. He said that it is about how we see and feel ourselves. He also added that it is about the degree to which we value ourselves. Experiences that a student encounters really affect the self-esteem development. His interactions and academic performance bring forth impact on self-esteem, and, the other way around, that is, the self-esteem affects the academic ability. As cited by Robb and Letts (1995), “The wide range of experiences a student has while going through school - scholastic, athletic, social, emotional - all constitute input to his or her self-esteem development. Every success and failure with the reaction of peers, parents and teachers to these experiences will contribute significantly to the students’ self-worth, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-competence”. One has the tendency to have high self-esteem if he/she is in an environment where he/she is nurtured to grow and develop,and, the other way around, if one would be in an environment where he is underestimated, unwanted and the like, he would likely have low self-esteem. Self-esteem counts, especially in doing well in one’s academic performance as well as in social interaction. According to Ruggins (2001), “Students’ self-esteem acted as critical factor in the grades that they earn in school, in their relationship with their peers, and in later success in life. This is on account of the many early theories which suggested that self-esteem is a basic human need or motivation. Whenever one has high self-esteem or has positive regards towards oneself, he gets to develop his self-worth, self-confidence and self-efficiency which affect one’s academic perfomance and his role in the society. His drive to learn and do well, especially in the academe is developed and increased upon believing in his/her own strengths. However, if one has low-esteem, or has negative regards towards oneself, he does not have neither attributes of being such nor the motivation or the drive to learn. Thus, their performance, especially in academe is commonly low and their...
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