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HAY453 Assignment 1 - Regression
Alistair Walsh

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HAY453 Assignment 1 - Regression

Researchers were interested in factors that predict anxiety felt, in relation to collective hatred, by new migrants to Australia (Anxiety). Information was collected from 80 migrants who had integrated into Australian society in the previous 12 months about Anxiety as well as four other measures thought to be related to Anxiety. It was predicted that the level of racial abuse (Racial Abuse) experienced and the participants’ self esteem deficit (Self Esteem) would be the best predictors of Anxiety. The usefulness of the CBT program efficacy rating (CBT Efficacy) and social identity score (Social Identity) in predicting Anxiety were also examined. Anxiety

Participants level of anxiety was measured with a seven item questionnaire. This questionnaire, on a scale from 1 = none of the time, to 5 = all of the time, asked about anxiety related to being subjected to collective hatred in Australia.

Racial Abuse
Participants answered questions about levels of racial abuse experienced (four questions on a five-point scale from 0 = none of the time, to 4 = all of the time). Social Identity
Participants level of social identity as a member of the Australian community was examined with five questions on a five-point scale from 0 = strongly disagree, to 4 = strongly agree with higher total scores indicating greater identification as the in-group i.e. Australians. Self Esteem

Participants level of self esteem was examined with four questions on a three-point scale from 0 = none of the time, to 3 = all of the time with higher total scores indicating greater deficits in self esteem.



CBT Efficacy
The perceived efficacy of a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) group-based program undertaken by participants (seven questions on a five point scale from 1 = strongly disagree, to 5 = strongly agree with higher total scores indicating greater perceived efficacy). Results

Standard linear regression was performed with SPSS (ver. 20) with a model using Anxiety as the criterion variable and Racial Abuse, Social Identity, Self Esteem, and CBT Efficacy as the predictor variables. Results showed that this model explained 69% of the variability in Anxiety (R2 j = .69, F (4, 75) = 44.22, p < .001). Self Esteem was the most important predicad tor (b = .52, t(75) = 4.81, p < .001), CBT Efficacy and Social Identity were also significant predictors (b = .26, t(75) = 3.91, p < .001 and b = .22, t(75) = 2.46, p = .01, respectively) while Racial Abuse was not significant in this four coefficient model. In other words, it is anticipated that reported Anxiety would be higher for those participant who scored higher on the Self Esteem measure (i.e. greater deficiencies in self esteem), identified more as an Australian and rated the CBT program’s efficacy higher.

The most important predictor in this model was Self Esteem, suggesting that a healthy level of self esteem acts as a buffer to Anxiety. Lower Social Identity i.e. not identifying as Australian, also lessened Anxiety. This can be understood as the distress felt by those who see being an Australian as important are more affected by the perceived opinions and actions of other Australians. Those who identify as other than Australian may simply care less about the opinion of Australians and feel less Anxiety as a result.

Higher Anxiety being predicted by higher CBT Efficacy is more difficult to explain. CBT as a therapy is designed to both remove negative affect like anxiety and replace errors in thinking like ’magnifying negatives’. One possible explanation is the presence of a mediating variable such as ’awareness of racism’ where the CBT program brings about greater awareness of the



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