Redistricting in Texas

Topics: Population, Population density, Demography Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Redistricting is a pressing issue, especially recently in Texas. The redistricting of Texas by the Republicans has caused a huge ruckus, making Democrats very angry. This is because the lines are being redrawn mainly to benefit the Republican Party. However, this is not a prohibited practice. Also, other factors such as population growth can be used to justify the extra redistricting. The districts in the state are currently determined by the population in an area and not by geographical size measures. This means that a densely populated area has a physically smaller district size geographically, while a more rural area with less population density would have a geographically larger district. The population in all areas changes daily, however the only official census count is taken only once every ten years. Considering the immense growing and changing that the population goes through regularly, it does not seem outrageous to argue that redistricting more often would help keep districts as accurate as possible. Although it is true that it is impossible to keep up with population as it changes daily, we can at least try to make districts as exact as possible by redistricting as often as can be done efficiently. The Voting Rights Act sets legal restrictions against redistricting that violates minority rights and interests. This was enacted to prevent racial discriminations. However, there is currently no legislation against redistricting based on partisan preferences. This means that although it may sound a bit unfair to redistrict in order to put a certain party on top, it is not illegal. The law allows any party that has the majority and wishes to redistrict in their own favor to do so. As long as this redistricting does not violate the interests of a minority group and is as equal as possible population-wise, the courts will not overturn it. This alignment of districts with political party is the main purpose and motive behind redistricting before legally...
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