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Red Bull’s marketing intent is to become a representative of the best energy drink and also the sports drink.

Target Markets
As Red Bull’s representative image, Red Bull targets young generation (men and women aged 16-29). Red Bull is especially for athletes, students, workers, and alcohol consumers who need to improve their reaction speed and physical strength, and also concentration. Not only with these effects, but also with Red Bulls’ unique flavor, alcohol consumers also find Red Bull to mix with their alcohols. There is another beneficial point of targeting students. By targeting students (young generation), Red Bull expects that they will be long term-consumers as they aged.

Points of difference
The “points of difference” that make Red Bull in different category of drink market and relatively competitive to other energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar are followings: -A different type of drink: Red Bull is the starter of energy drink category. Red Bull has significantly different taste than existing drinks such as coffee, milk, juice, cola, and etc. -Functional drink: Differently to other ordinary drinks that the preferences are determined by its taste or its nutrition, Red Bull is consumed by people who expect to increase their reaction speed, physical strength, and concentration. -Premium energy drink: Red Bull contains less sugar and caffeine than Monster and Rockstar.

Red Bull has benefited from when they created the new types of drink and its new category. This is why when consumers think of energy drink in need of boosting ups and alcohol mixer, Red Bull is the one of the first drinks that comes in their minds. And with its hard aluminum designed can and its higher price, Red Bull implies the higher quality of the drink compared to the competitors such as Monster and Rockstar.
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