reaction to abortion, euthanasia,birth control

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I am really against this topic. For me, this is really a sensitive thing. I really treasure one’s life. I am a medical technology student and I should really give importance to the lives of the people. During the reporting of our classmates about this topic, they asked me on what will I do when I got pregnant on an early age or when I am not yet ready. They asked if am I going to keep the baby and give him/her the right to see this wonderful world or am I going to cut those rights and just think about my own safety. I just answered them that I’m going to keep the baby because in the first place, I can’t really kill a human. Second, it’s my own baby and I don’t think I can let that rude thing happen to my own child. Third, it’s my own choice, I don’t think that might happen without me choosing it unless that was an accident or what we call rape. But as I’ve said, it’s my own choice and I should be responsible enough. I should face the consequences of my own actions and choices. Abortion just because you are not yet at the right age and you just accidentally did a wrong choice is a sign of being irresponsible and coward. Irresponsible because you are not ready or you don’t want to face the consequences of your own actions and coward because you just want to run away and just forget about the wrong doings that you have done. And that’s my stand about abortion.

I am not against this topic. As what my classmates said when they reported this topic, there are two types of euthanasia. First is the thing that happens in the hospital when the patient can’t really live anymore and the thing that’s making him alive are the machines. I am not against it. In fact, this is what happened to my dad way back then. My dad was confined in St. Luke’s Medical Center for almost three months. He had a disease in kidney and had complications as the time pass by. And the day that we really were afraid of came. My dad did...
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