Pwcs 36

Topics: The Residents, Consent, Self-esteem Pages: 7 (2050 words) Published: August 13, 2013

Task 1: Person centred approaches in adult social care

Person Centred care means to build everything I am doing in the care home around those I am caring for. It involves people taking control and planning of their own support and care. Some key values in person centred care are:

oTreating people as individuals
oSupporting people to access their rights
oSupporting people to exercise choice
oMaking sure people have privacy if they want it
oSupporting people to be as independent as possible
oTreating people with dignity and respect
oRecognising that working with people is a partnership, not a relationship controlled by professionals

It is important that person centred values influence all aspects of care because it will affect all aspects of a resident’s life. It is vital that the resident is in control of their care in all aspects, these include:

oPersonal hygiene
oDomestic tasks

Person centred care should be put in to effect in the care home and should affect everything the carers do so as to promote choice, dignity and exercising of rights. The main areas this comes in to effect are:

oPractical / physical support
oEmotional support
oSocial support
oIntellectual / cognitive support

A key way to make sure the care home delivers person centred care is to structure the care around the person to achieve outcomes. This approach will help to achieve desirable outcomes for the residents such as:

oIncreased confidence
oImproved health
oFeeling valued
oBecoming active
oFeeling involved

Task 2: How to implant a person-centred approach in an adult social care setting

To deliver person centered care means to put the wishes and preferences of the resident at the centre of planning for their care. This means finding out the resident’s history, preferences and wishes then recording them in their care plan. This can be done in a number of ways. The first way is be by receiving information from family or a previous care home, this is vital if the resident is unable to communicate. The next way is to ask the resident questions regarding their care such as, how would you like this to be done? What time would you like to get up/go to bed? Would you like a shower or bath? This must be done on a daily basis by all the staff. It is good to learn the resident’s history and preferences from them then to record it in the care plan to deliver person centered care.

If a resident is distressed or upset this will make for a complex situation. It is important to make sure the resident is still able to exercise their rights and wishes and remains in control of what they want to do. It is important that the carer does not take over or pressure the resident; this can be tempting when a resident is upset. Another complex or sensitive situation could be pressure from family members. In this situation it is important to remember that it is the resident’s choices and wishes that are at the centre of their care.

All of this information about the resident must be retained and documented in their care plan so that they can be cared for in the way that they have chosen and meets their preferences.

If a resident changes their mind or there care needs or preferences change then this must be updated in the care plan and all staff made aware of the changes. We do this on a regular basis in The care home to make sure residents are being cared for according to their wishes

Task 3: the importance of establishing consent when providing care or support

Factors that can influence the capacity or ability for a resident to express consent that I encounter in the care home are visual and hearing impairments. We have residents with physical and mental disabilities that make it difficult or imposable for them to give consent verbally. We have residents...
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