Psychological Foundation on Education

Topics: Psychology, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Jeanny C. Espejo ECF-Foundation of Education

March 14, 2011 Prof. Glenard Madriaga

Tutorial Commentary on Psychological Foundation of Education Educational psychology is an interdisciplinary subject that incorporates human development, learning strategies, intelligence, motivation, measurement, and classroom management. The author defined that, Psychology is one of the basis of Education. Because psychology deals with human behavior, of how a person acts and reacts under different situations, consciously or unconsciously, mentally, physiologically, physically, overtly, or covertly. Education depends deeply upon psychology because the kind and amount of education that the learner acquires in conditioned by his psychological traits such as general mental ability, aptitudes, temperament, interest, effort-making capacity, physical condition, etc. It was said that the principles of education are principally based upon the facts and principles of psychology. Many important educational principles are based on different schools or system of psychology. Some of them are the following: Structuralism – according to Wudnt & Titchener. “Experience or mental states are made of sensation, images or ideas and feelings.” In other words, All consciousness of facts and phenomena of experiences are based upon the operation of the brain or the nervous system. Functionalism – functionalist are interested in how an organism makes adjustment to its environment, that is, either it changes or makes adaptation to it. Behaviorism – this theory believes that a stimulus, physical or otherwise, creates a response. Behavior is considered the result of various responses to stimulation and should be controlled or directed by modifying either the stimulus or the response without regard to consciousness. Temperament / Emotion - this refer to certain emotional predispositions of an individual. Emotional stability and emotional maturity are important assets in the development of one’s...
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