Propensity to Drink and Drive

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Alcoholism, Drinking culture Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: May 2, 2013
College Students: Propensity to Drink and Drive

Introduction and Literature Review
Each year more than 2 million college students aged 18-24 drive after drinking; more than 3 million ride in motor vehicles with drinking drivers; over one half million are injured because of drinking; and 1,400 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, most sustained in alcohol related traffic crashes (Hingson 2001). Its shown in the National Survey of Drinking and Driving Attitudes and Behaviors that persons driving within 2 hours of consuming alcoholic beverages in the year 2008 that do it most fall in the ages of 21-24. During the year 2001, over 16,000 motor vehicle fatalities and 310,00 injures in the United States involved alcohol, and a high proportion of these events involved adolescents and young adults (Wechsler 2003). College students under the influence allow alcohol to take over their decision-making. The start or launch of alcohol use often occurs during the college years. The National Surveys of college-students drinking practices have focused attention on the heavy drinking patterns of many college students. This was defined, for male student drinkers, as the consumption of five or more drinks in a single drinking session, and for female students, as four or more drinks (Hingson 2001). College is often the first time kids are living on their own and are allowed to make decisions without parental advisory. Peers are consistently associated with alcohol use, and although the term “peer pressure” receives a great deal of attention, precise definitions of it are rare (Borsari & Carey 2001). In reality, peer pressure can be a combination of many things, and peer pressure is consistently implicated in excessive drinking of college students. As adolescents get older, they spend less time with their parents and more time with friends, resisting the attempts of parents to control the selection and association of these friends (Borsari & Carey 2001). The...
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