product development in resto bar

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Arellano University
2600 Legarda St. Sampaloc, Manila
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

In partial fulfilment of Requirements
Methods of Research

Submitted to:
Mrs. Racquel Salvador

Submitted by:
Renato C. Ty Jr.
Jashua Rocky Santos
Froilan G. LLovit
Rudolf T. Retuya
Paul Mikki V. Manuel

Chapter 1
Problem and its Background
Talking about food habits and taste every household in this era has changed a lot. Regarding this, many trading activities are growing up such as hotels, restaurants, and business organizations. Such organizations have their own reputation to build up and their own brand towards the market and the customers. All these trading activities depend on the service on the service quality and the customer satisfaction which are the main themes of this research to elaborate. Both service quality and customer satisfaction are important from the point of view of marketing in terms of sellers and buyers.

Cyberspace has forced the world to see things in different ways. It has shrunk the world and we are now witnessing true globalization. It means that people have access to information, products and services worldwide, at the click of a button. We are in the “ third wave” according to Alvin Toffler, the futurist. He believes that society moved from a traditional agrarian society to an industrial one, after the industrial revolution in the late 18th century. The customer is the centerpiece of the service age. The golden platform from which it operates are: First English is the primary language. Then most transactions in future will be by Visa/Master cards. Lastly the US Dollar will be the common currency, though seriously challenged in future by economic blocs like European Common Market with the Euro. Traditional Organization Structure The change in the new millennium have broken down bureaucratic structures and redefined them. The frontline service personnel, like servers, counter sales persons or host are now the kings and queens. It comes from the belief that it is they who crate guest experiences. The frontline has been empowered with decision making authority. The corporate, management and specialists will now support the front-line staff to create effective guest experiences. Policies and procedures have been redrawn to meet the new structures and challenges. Background

Mixology trends to become the new standard the key to a food bottled cocktails is creating something that has the perfect balanced between alcohol and citrus or sugar that’s added. Nitro infusions or molecular mixology brings science to the shaker to create new flavours, textures and surprising presentations that enhance the overall drinking experience. This trend gives back to the community, eliminates carbon footprints and provides the freshest ingredients for customers. The purpose is to change the cocktail’s character and flavour, ultimately mellowing the mix in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged. This trend goes beyond just vermouth with integration of house made bitters and syrups into cocktail programs. Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework: IPO (Input, Process and Output
Input Process Output Aur

Statement of the Problem:
1. What is demographic profile in terms of :
1.1. Gender
1.2. Age
1.3. Year Level
2. How does respondent asses bar mixology practices in terms of: 2.1. Flaring
2.2. Mixing
2.3. Bartending
3. How does respondent asses in bar mixology of flaring in terms of: 3.1. Tricks/Exhibitions
3.2. Entertainment
3.3. Promoting
3.4. Skills
4. How does respondents appraise bar mixology the stability of equipment and tools: 4.1. Menu
4.2. Bar Equipments
4.3. Facilities
5. How does respondents appraise the accommodations in terms of: 5.1. Security
5.2. Servers Approach
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