Population Problem in Bd

Topics: Population, Demography, Population ecology Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Population problem in Bangladesh

The population of a country has always been considered as a blessing unless and untill it grows very rapidly and the people remain unproductive.Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population .Besides the population is increasing at an alarming rate that has become a burning question of the day.Moreover the major portion of this huge population is remaining unproductive that has turned this population as a curse rather than a blessing.

➢ The causes for this population problem are many that are following namely,

➢ First of all most of the people of our country are ignorant.So they dont know the way of controlling the birth rate through family planning.

➢ Some rural as well religious superstitions hinder our people in family planning or birth control.

➢ Early marriage is a special cause in this area.Majority of our girls are getting married before they get maturity.

➢ Polygammy ia another cause in this area .It is still existing in many rural area of our country.

➢ Wish for a male child is another significant cause in this area that is existent not only among the uneducated people but also among the educated people also.This scenario is still prevalent in many parts of our country.

The adverse effects of this population explosion are many that are following namely,

➢ First of all when the population growth of a country overflows its utmost level then it hampers the economic development as well as progress of the country ,since the country would not be able to meet the basis needs of the people because of this increasing population.

➢ Unemployment problem is also a by product of population explosion since its very difficult for a country to provide employment facilities for its its increasing population.Bangladesh is small country with a giant population.Besides the population is growing rapidly .So its very difficult for the govt. Of our country to provide...
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