Population Growth in Singapore

Topics: Population, Singapore, Economics Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Why there is a need to increase population in Singapore?

As, we all know, Singapore is becoming an ageing population soon. So, a shrinking and ageing population means younger workforce, and a less vibrant and innovative economy. With slower business activity and employment opportunities, it will become more difficult to match the higher aspirations of a better educated and mobile Singaporean population. This may hollow out our population and workforce and worsen our ratio of younger to older Singaporeans. With our growing number of senior citizens, healthcare and long term care spending is expected to increase. As a result, the smaller number of people in the workforce may have to pay higher taxes to support the ageing population and their growing needs. As the economy stagnates, it will be a strain on our resources to invest in infrastructure, or to address the needs of lower-income Singaporeans. Without economic growth, social and welfare programmes can quickly become unsustainable. What are the plans that government have done for population growth?

By 2060, 110,000 more public housing and 90.000 new private units will be build. With significant increase in our housing supply, this will help to meet the demand of population growth. •Besides, 85% of housing will be within 400m of a park so that residents will be able to enjoy accessible and interconnected green spaces around them. •Given that Singapore have land scarcity, how are these housing going to be build? National Research Foundation has been given $135 million for research and suitable land development. To increase physical capacity and make sure that Singapore remains habitable, they also seek for new technology and creative solutions. •What is the next thing after housing? Most probably how to travel from place to place, right? So what the government did to ease the effect of congestion? The rail network will increase from 180 km to 360 km, so 8 in 10 households will be within a 10 minute...
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