Population Growth Control

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Population Growth Control

Progress in science and the improvement of living conditions have led to the rapid growth of the world population. Modern medicine, for example, has made it possible for babies to grow up healthily and for people to live longer. Current Situation of Population:

Earth’s population is over 7 billion now, and it’s still have a very big birthrate. If this number beyond the affordable number of earth. It will cause a lot of we can not bear the consequences. So, we need control the number of population and birthrate. The Effects of Population Growth:

Unemployment. If population growth and number of jobs is stagnant (0 growth). Then as the population gets older more people enter the work force and if unable to find a job, increases the unemployment numbers, thus the supply out numbers the demand. Shorts of resources. The quantity of resources in earth’s are limited and most of those resources are non-renewable . No matter how much effort you put in better technology, better recycling, more energy use, it’s doesn’t mean anything if the population keep growth. Pollution. When there are few people, we can easily controlling waste. However, as populations grow, the waste increases dramatically , we don’t have enough space to put those waste, it will becomes a massive public health problem. Over population leads to pollution and also poverty. Poverty is mainly because of unemployment issues. All these issues are correlated. Solution of Population Growth:

Improve resource efficiency and pollution control so that standards of living can rise without negative impact. Keep human population to numbers that are sustainable.
The best way to tackle this situation is make people understand the effects of population. Have only child one child in the family(one family, one child) People are a good thing, but population growth without limit is not.
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