Population Explosion in India : Truth, Myth, Symptoms, Danger and Cure

Topics: Demography, Population, Overpopulation Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Population Explosion in India : Truth, Myth, Symptoms, Danger and Cure

Overpopulation is a generally undesirable condition where an organism's numbers exceed the current carrying capacity of its habitat. The term often refers to the relationship between the human population and it's environment, the Earth, or smaller geographical areas such as countries. Overpopulation can result from an increase in births, a decline in mortality rates, an increase in immigration, or an unsustainable biome and depletion of resources.

Some problems associated with or felt by human overpopulation and over consumption are : * Inadequate fresh water for drinking as well as sewage treatment and effluent discharge. * Depletion of natural resources, especially fossil fuels.

World energy consumption & predictions, 1970–2025.
* Increased levels of air pollution. Once a country has industrialized and become wealthy, a combination of government regulation and technological innovation causes pollution to decline substantially, even as the population continues to grow. * Loss of Ecosystems that sustain global atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide balance; about eight million hectares of forest are lost each year. Changes in atmospheric composition and consequent global warming. * Unhygienic living conditions for many based upon water resource depletion, discharge of raw sewage and solid waste disposal. Mass species extinctions from reduced habitat in tropical forests due to slash and burn techniques that sometimes are practiced by shifting cultivators, especially in countries with rapidly expanding rural populations. * High infant and child mortality. High rates of infant mortality are associated with poverty. Rich countries with high population densities have low rates of infant mortality. * Intensive factory farming to support large populations. It results in human threats including the evolution and spread of antibiotic resistant...
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