population density

Topics: Population, Demography, Population ecology Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: September 23, 2013
In the pasted years population has been growing rapidly in MEDC’s and LEDC’s, by looking at the crude birth rate and crude death rate we are able to see how the population grows in certain countries. Looking at how high the rates are in a LEDC country and a MEDC country, you are able to conclude that you can relate specific factors to different areas of the world.

When looking at the population growth of a LEDC there are common factors that appear when looking at the death and birth rates. For example when looking at the country Tanzania in Africa, you can see that there is a certain pattern. In Tanzania the birth rate is 34.29, which is a very high ranking. This is due to different factors access to contraceptives is very low and probably too expensive for the average inhabitant. Also the religion can play a huge roll in a reason why most inhabitants don’t use contraceptives. It can also be the culture that effects the amount of children each family has. Out side of the city parents want to have a lot of children for working purposes and retirement purposes. Finally because there is a lack of education in Tanzania most women are not informed about ways to prevent pregnancies. The death rate is also compared to MEDC much higher. In Tanzania they have a death rate of 12.56, this is also caused by numerous reasons. In Tanzania it is hard for the inhabitants to get good health care and be cured for infectious diseases and epidemics like malaria and aids. The poor nutrition in the country cause malnutrition and can cause a lack of vitamins and other illnesses. In Tanzania and most African countries there are a lot of conflict going on in the country that causes many casualties and a unstable government or corrupt government can cause many difficulties for the people. Also natural disasters may occur and LEDC’s usually do not have enough money to rebuild the country take care of the people and provide them with food.

However when looking at a LEDC, for...
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