Population Demographics

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Population Growth Rate: Highest to Lowest Rate

Nigeria: 1st Egypt: 2nd Mexico: 3rd India: 4th USA: 5th China: 6th
Italy: 7th

1.How do you suppose living conditions differ between the countries furthest along in the demographic transition compared to the country earliest in the transition? How would living conditions in these two countries affect both birth and death rates? The living condition for countries earlier in the demographic transitions such as health and food supply are improving. Thus better health conditions decrease death rates and more food supply can lead to increasing birth rates. Since living conditions (health and food supply) are more stable in countries further along the demographic transition and more opportunities are available for women, death rates and birth rates remain fairly low. 2.Think of three social factors that contribute to lower birth rates in the countries farther along. How might these social conditions be encouraged to emerge in less developed countries? Education, religion and economic status are three factors that contribute to lower birth rates. Providing an education and shifting away from “blue collar” workers gives an opportunity to both men and women, thus providing an upwards movement in the economic status of that individual. With more opportunities to work, women tend to give birth at later ages. A religious belief is another factor to contribute to lower birth rates in some religions, as they values more a smaller family rather than a large family. In addition, some developed countries may offer free birth control through family planning services, therefore leading to childbearing at older ages. As less developed countries become more stable, these social conditions can be encourage to emerge as they would have developed countries as a reference point in order to have a more balanced population within their...
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