Population Change

Topics: Demography, Population, Demographic economics Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: February 13, 2015
How does the evidence from personal, local and national sources help us understand the pattern of population change in the UK? There are many different components that all add together for the reason why population does change in a specific location. This change is considered ‘dynamic’ as it is constantly changing due to many factors that are always effecting the rate of population change. One of the biggest influences of population change would be the birth and death rates of an area. Birth/death rate is the total number of births/deaths per 1,000 of a population in a year. The rate of births/deaths in a population is calculated in various ways such as, population counts from a census. The birth rate (along with mortality and migration rate) are used to calculate population change. An ageing population would be the result of when more people are living to an older age. The specific term used to describe this is ‘greying population’. There is currently a greying population occurring in the UK which has resulted in the population increasing as there are more people alive. However, there are factors that stabilise this growth of population. There has been a decrease in the number of children being born because people are choosing to have children later and less of them. This is shown by the data which displays that in 1971, there where almost twice as many under 16 year olds in relation to people over the age of 65. (14.3m>7.4m). As a result of the UK’s greying population. As a result of the UK’s greying population and decrease in birth rates, by 2005 these figures where much closer. (11.6m>9.6m). Population pyramids are used to compare the population between two locations. The Thanet and average Kent districts population can be shown on a population pyramid to illustrate how population can change on a local scale in the UK. The 2012(Mid-year) population pyramid shows that both Thanet and Kent have very similar population pyramid shapes. However, there is an...
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