Physical Abuse

Topics: Bullying, Child abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Thesis statement: Physical abuse creates violent and sadistic people.

I. There are different impacts of physical abuse.
A. There first one is physical impact.
1. This includes bruises, fractures, head and internal injuries and burns, B. The second impact is emotional impact.
1. This includes having low self-esteem, poor performance in school, shyness and has difficulty with self control. C. The last is social impact.
II. There are various factors why physical abuse happens. A. There are parent who do not know how to parent.
1. They do not know how to care for a child.
B. The parent may have a history of maltreatment.
1. The abuser may be abused also.
C. There are those who lack self-esteem.
1. The abuser does not feel good about them.
2. The abuser feels weak or unimportant.
D. There are those who suffer from poverty.
1. The abuser grew up in very poor families.
2. The abuser faces incredible stress.
E. There are those who have been isolated.
1. These are families that live far from relatives.
III. There are distinct personalities that physical abuse creates. A. These are those who can’t handle depression.
1. There are those who end up using drugs and alcohols. B. There are those who do not have stable relationship with their family. 1. These are those who end up separating with their partners. C. There are those who do the same in their families.

1. These are those who abuse their own children.

Physical Abuse: Creating violent and sadistic people out of innocent children

Aquino, Vince Raibhelle E.

Physical Abuse: Creating violent and sadistic people out of innocent children

Is it fair hurting innocent...
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