Phoenix Organics Background

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Phoenix Organics is a company that’s goal is to make a difference to the community, to the planet and to the health of its people. Their vision was to create something that would be good for the planet and good for the health of its people. And so in 1987 Chris Morrison, Roger Harris and Deborah Cairns created the first Phoenix product. The company started with a drink called "Ginger Fizz", a naturally fermented product that was often determined to get out of the bottle before the top was cracked. It had a tendency to explode. They soon realized that they needed to expand and that’s when they started to use a technological advance of pasteurization and it changed the company dramatically. “It expanded our range” Harris said. Recycling is something Phoenix did a lot; they collected used beer bottles from local pubs, soaked them in a bath to remove the labels and sterilized them in a commercial dishwasher. Phoenix had their manufacturing facility in beautiful Auckland New Zealand. Not only was this where there made and bottled there produce, but also where they practiced making sure every part of the business is sustainable, now and in the future. Phoenix distributed their products to eager health food stores in Auckland. Phoenix Ginger Beer (made with fresh ginger, lemon juice and yeast) is one of the best products Phoenix has sold. In December 2005, Phoenix was selling six delicious product ranges including, Organic honey carbonates (which was exactly what it sounds, carbonated fizzy drinks sweetened with honey), Organic Carbonates, Organic Juices, Organic Sparkling Juice drinks, Organic Mineral Waters, Hot Beverages (in flavors such as Chai, Berry, Lemon and Coco). Marc Ellis & Stefan Lepionka, purchased and merged with juice-meisters Charlie's. The two organizations combined networks to become NZ's most widely distributed fresh drinks company. Now Charlies and Phoenix are a lot of cafes all around the country and sold in major super markets and restaurants...
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