Philippine Liquers

Topics: Wine, Distillation, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Tuba is coconut toddy that has a stinging sweet and bittersweet taste. Cebu, Bulacan
Fermented in jars for 1-3 days
Lambanog is wine made from coconut. It has been passed down throughout generations of coconut plantation farmers.
1. Lambanog can be produced using the process of distillation. The freshly gathered coconut tree sap is oyster white in color, has a nearly neutral pH, and is already inherently sweet tasting by nature. Allowed to ferment further if too sweet and less alcoholic. 2. Put desired amount of tuba or coconut sap in distillation chamber. Apply heat until it evaporates. 3. Condensed the evaporated alcohol using flowing water at the top of the distillation chamber to liquefy the alcohol in gaseous phase. 4. Set aside the first ten to 20 ounces of distillate because it contains high concentration of methanol. This is locally called head or “bating”. Or do the collection when temperature reaches 93°C to 94°C. 5. Continue distillation until 80 proof alcohol is gathered, determined using alcohol hydrometer. Don’t let alcohol concentration go below 80 proof. Below 80 proof is of low quality. Tapey is the only known Igorot rice wine and the only known rice wine in the Philippines.


- half a pound of bubod
- a kilo of diket preferrably of the red variety
- a labba (or any wide space) to spread the rice to dry
- a gosi or any closed container

(Note: One of the most high-grade kind of bubod is available from the vendors of Abatan, Benguet. Don't try plastics as containers, they add a plasticky flavor.)


Cook the kilo of diket with a little less water than you would cook an ordinay rice. Just after the boiling water has been absorbed (na-ilowagan), set aside the diket.

(Before continuing, tell everyone not to disturb you until everything as not to destroy the spirit of the tapey. The oldies even ask, 'Maid um-umtot' or 'No farting".)

Spread the diket on a labba covered with banana leaves (or just spread...
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