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Topics: Bullying, Self-esteem, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Radisavljevic Jordan
Ssspe 201C


In this meeting we have seen the concept of cyberbullying. To introduce this concept, first of all, we have seen that a lot of people use their cell phone and internet. 98% of young adults use internet and 97% of young adult use their cell phone for texting.

First of all Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. With the increase in use of these technologies, cyberbullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Different examples were given during this meeting like through electronic device, public humiliation, unwanted contact or also deception.

Cyberbullying prevalence and consequences were presented. Everybody have to reporting cyberbullying incidents and have to keep records. The consequences can be that people become more anxious or have low self esteem.

The behavior that we have to adopt if something like that happen is to tell someone, don't respond the investigator, record all things, print, block them and contact the cell phone provider. Your safety is very important.

After that we have seen how we can prevent cyberbullying. Every body have to be educate about it. You have to protect your password, keep photos safe, pause before your post and thinking about what you post and what will be the consequences of this post and after you have to setup privacy controls.

You have also to do a safe and responsible social networking. you have to use discretion, post only positive things, prepare for the worst and don't forget that you can be held responsible. When you publish something, every body can see your informations. That is why you have to use anonymity. because what you published can be traced back so you have to be smart when you want to publish something.

About the cell phone you have to be smart and keep your phone safe.

About you password. Never give password...
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