Personal Reflections on the Self

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Personal Reflection on The Self Paper
Marjorie Neal
University of Phoenix

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Student's signature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature):  Marjorie Neal When we talk about self, it is generally meant to be a reflection of an individual’s identity and separate from others and the environment (Huitt, 2009). The most widely used concepts when it comes to self are the self-concept and self-esteem. Self-esteem is the sense of self worth and dictates how we feel about ourselves where self-concept is dictated by how an individual answers the question “who am I?”(Myers, 2008). Research has shown that self-concept is the basis for all motivated behavior because self-concept that provides individuals with possible selves and those possible selves create the motivation for behavior (Huitt, 2009). Self-concept is built through the process of taking action and reflecting on the action one has taken as well as what others tell him about what he has done (Huitt, 2009). We are not born with a self-concept. Self-concept is developed through interaction with the environment and one’s reflection of that interaction.

Self-concept has four parts: self-image, self-esteem, ideal-self and self-efficacy (“What is Self-Concept?”, 2010). Self-image is who one thinks he is, this is...

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