Party Time

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Party Time
Everyone love to get invited to a great house party. Though everyone loves to attend the house party, there’s no greater sense of accomplishment then being the host or hostess of the party. Although it may be a lot of work, and at time it may feel like its not worth it. In the end you will be very happy with your accomplishments, who knows you might make it an annual thing.

Before you even tell your friends and family that your thinking of having a party you should check your budget. One of the worst things that could happen is you plan everything and realize you don’t have enough money to follow through with your plan.

After your money is in order you can officially get started. The best key to a successful party is to be organized. If that entails you to get a few friends to help you plan the party, and to get ready for it then do so. If your unorganized your party will be too.

One of the cardinal rules of throwing an amazing party is to always make sure you invite everyone at least a week before the

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party. You also want to make sure you invite your neighbors because you have to be respectful and a neighbor can make or break any great party. Of course you always want to give people enough time to clear their schedules, get a great outfit together or take care of any business they might have. You don’t necessarily have to send out cute little invites because we live in a technology world. You can invite your friends and family and through the phone, text messages, Myspace or even face book. Just make sure when you tell them about it your very specific on the time, date, and the theme, if you choose to have a theme party.

When choosing a theme for your theme party make sure its something lively that everyone can have fun with. Be reasonable. Don’t be to detailed on the theme though because you don’t want it to take away from the actual party itself.

After you advertise you should start to buy the things you will...
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