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Does Amy Chua’s Tiger-mothering create little robots?

Since I have been working with parenting at school, I have seen a lot discussions and interviews with Amy Chua. I have also read “The anti tiger mothers” approach to parenting, and seeing at least a dusin of videos had made me more interesting, regarding parenting primary among other stuff. I have set a series of questions and discussions that I would like to illuminate.

First I have a bit of explaining to do concerning parenting and the differences between Western parents and Chinese parents. The main differences are the Western and Chinese parental mind-sets. Here in west we are extremely anxious about the children's self-esteem. Fx. Western parents constantly worry about, how their children feel in a giving situation like, when they lose a match or fail at something. The parents try as much as possible to avoid hurting the children's self-esteem. Also the parents are troubled about their psyches, therefor they often try to reassure their children. Chinese parents do the exact opposite, meaning they assume strength and endurance, not fragility and vulnerable, and as a result they become very obedient. In contrast to Amy Chua and her claims we have University professor Bryan Caplan, whose advice to parents essentially boils down to 'relax, have fun and let your kids do what they want. They'll turn out fine.'

So the differences are enormous, when you look at the two parenting models. Often Chinese parents get away with things, Western parents could never dream on getting away with. The Chinese values hard work, not giving up, don’t make excuses, take responsibility and being self reliable are interesting enough fundamental Western values too. In the end the main idea is, to get the children better prepared for the world. Amy Chua’s provocative claims has generating lots of controversy, even at the point...
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