Panama Reflection

Topics: Demography, Population, United States Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: February 20, 2013
My country of economic analysis is Panama. The predominant ethnic group in Panama is mestizo, which are Amerindian and white people mixed. The most prominent religion is Roman Catholic, which was used by the Colombians. Panama gained its independence from Colombia in 1903 and became its own country ( Panama is located in Central America in between Costa Rica and Colombia ( A couple large revenue streams in Panama are the Panama Canal, and its services (tourism etc). A couple of the larger cities in Panama are the Panama City (capital), San Miguelito, and Colón (. Panamonian culture highly influences there habits domestically as well as internationally. Some of the important customs and institutions regarding the important aspects of Panamanians lives can be seen through their flag and nation motto. The Panama flag is made up of four quadrants. The upper right and bottom left squares are blue for their Conservative party and red for their liberal party. This shows that they value their form of democracy. The upper left and bottom right squares have white backgrounds to show the peace between their two political parties. Also each of the squares with white backgrounds has a star in the center. The upper left has a blue star that represents the purity and honesty that would characterize the civil life of the republic. The bottom right has a red star that represents the authority and law that would impose these virtues. The motto of Panama is “Pro Mundi Beneficio”. This stands for “For the Benefit of the World” and it refers to helping the world via the Panama Canal. ( In 2011, the population is projected to be 3,460,000 people in Panama. The sex ratio of the population is 1.02 men to every 1 woman. The crude birth rate is about 19 for every 1,000 population. The death rate, out of every 1000 people, is approximately 5 deaths. The same as in 2010, the population growth rate is 1.4%. The fertility rate,...
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