Overpopulation In India 1

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 Overpopulation in India 1

Causes and Effects of Overpopulation in India Polideth Serey Mr. G EAP 5 Friday 21, 2014

Overpopulation in India 2 Causes and Effects of Overpopulation in India Since the last decade, many countries are faced with the problem of a rapidly growing population. Particularly, India is one of the countries with highest population in the world. India is currently encountered with the issue of overpopulation all year round. In this essay I will discuss the causes and effects of overpopulation in India. There are two major causes such as high birth rate and high fertility rate, which led to overpopulation in India. As a result, the environmental effects could leave a huge impact on water resources and employment crisis. Various studies have inferred that India is going to surpass China in term of population soon in 2025. Although, Indian government is notably taking care of the issue, it still does not seem like it is going to be fully solved any day. One of the main causes is that India has higher birth rate than the death rate (Rumani, 2014) with at least 34 births and 10 deaths are registered per minute (Indian Express, 2009). Although the legal age for girl to get married is 18, many people in the rural areas are married at young age (Shona, 2010) because marriage is a sacred obligation to Indian people, which almost every woman is married at their age of...

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