Over Population in the Philippines

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Overpopulation in the Philippines

1.1Purpose of the study: to discuss and cite ways on how to prevent overpopulation in the Philippines. 1.2Significance of the study: to make people realize how alarming is overpopulation. 2.Meaning of Overpopulation

3.Overpopulation facts
3.1Causes of Overpopulation
3.2Effects of Overpopulation
3.3Solutions to Overpopulation
4.Manila: A megacity where the living must share with the dead ( Jenny Kleeman’s Article ) 5.Conclusion


The purpose of the study is to discuss about overpopulation in our country. Using library research and internet. I will elaborate the causes and effects, as well as the possible solutions to this social phenomenon. I will also include in my studies about the article of Jenny Kleeman, his point of view on Manila.

A presentation such as this is important for us to realize that our country being overpopulated is alarming. I believe that behind this studies, I can help about this problem that not only the Philippines are facing, but also the world.

2.Meaning of Overpopulation

The term “Overpopulation” is the condition where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity of their habitat. It has impacted the life of common man and has proved to be one of the gravest difficulties that have to be fought. It implies scarcity of resources and economic inflation; these are the monsters which can make life miserable. (The Threat of Overpopulation (Earth Issues) pp. 177-179)

Defined by those books that I’ve read, truly Overpopulation is a serious problem. As I search for more meanings about it, this come out:

Overpopulation is the condition of having a population so dense as to cause environmental deterioration, an impaired quality life, or a population crash. It is A situation which occurs when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for those occupants. (Ecology and the Crisis of Overpopulation: Future Prospects for Global Sustainability pp.90-93)

3.Overpopulation facts

As I do a lot of research through the use of Internet and books from the library, I’ve searched the causes of Overpopulation are:

Decline in the Death Rate: The fall in death rates that is decline in mortality rate is one fundamental causes of overpopulation. Rise in the Birth Rate: There are medicines and treatments, which can help in conception. Thus, science has led to an increase in birth rate. This is certainly a reason to be proud and happy but advances in medicine have also become a cause of overpopulation. Migration: If the inhabitants of various countries migrate to a particular part of the world and settle over there, the area is bound to suffer from the ill effects of overpopulation. Lack of Education: They are unaware of the ways to control population. Lack of family planning is commonly seen in the illiterate lot of the world. This is one of the major factors leading to overpopulation. Due to ignorance, they do not take to family planning measures, thus contributing to a rise in population. Excessive intercourse that results inpregnancy and birth. (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/causes-of-overpopulation.html)

I also did a research about the effects of overpopulation, and here is the list of what I found:

Inadequate fresh due to lack of provision of water agencies due to high usage of water. Mass species extinction due to the slash-and-burn techniques that are sometimes practiced by shifting cultivators. Elevated crime rate due to drug cartels and increase in theft by people stealing resources to survive. Increased chance of the emergence of new epidemics and pandemics. For many environmental and social reasons, including overcrowded living conditions, malnutrition and inadequate, inaccessible, or non-existent health care, the poor are more likely to be exposed to infectious diseases. Changes in atmospheric...

Bibliography: Nicolas, Heinz (2000 Dec) “Human Impact” http://www.nationalgeographic.com/eye/overpopulation/overpopulation.html
Rivera, Blanche.”Population Solutions.”
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