over population in bangladesh

Topics: Population, Demography, Population ecology Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: January 4, 2014
 Overpopulation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is considered as one of the fastest developing countries. It is considered to have a great future but the biggest threat that it face’s is over population. By definition, overpopulation is the condition where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity of their habitat. It is the greatest problem in Bangladesh. The land area of Bangladesh is less than her vast population. For this reason, Bangladesh in considered as over populated country. It is a great obstacle to the development of our country. Though population is an asset of a country, it has now become a burden for our country. There is no single cause of over population, but researchers have uncovered several causes, some of which has great effects.

Illiteracy is one of the important factors that contribute to overpopulation. Actually, illiteracy is caused by overpopulation, too. So, both of them is connected .Recent studies show that there is an increasing rate of illiteracy all over the world. A study conducted by WSI (World Statistics Institute) shows that over 27% of people are illiterate globally. Another study by the same institute shows that the speed at which illiteracy rate ascends is 32%. These rates are quite important, as illiteracy has terrible effects on society. According to Wikipedia (2011), the overall illiteracy rate for Bangladesh is 44.5%. Those lacking education fail to understand the need to curb population growth. Modern methods of birth control and family planning don't reach the illiterate sections of society. The concept of birth control is not widely accepted. Adopting birth control measures is considered taboo. Furthermore, due to lack of awareness there is resistance in adopting such methods .for lack of education people beliefs marrying at a certain age or having a certain number of children is considered to be ideal and male children are preferred. This indirectly forces couples to produce children till a...
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