Topics: Self-esteem, Technical support, Teacher Pages: 1 (439 words) Published: April 27, 2011
A teacher has an important role that should never be taken lightly. They help inspire children to be the best that they can be. For a lot of children their teacher is the only decent role model that they may ever encounter in life. Also, parents have a sense of relief knowing that when their children are at school the teacher will keep them safe. In addition, there are several children who only get the support that they need from their teacher. A preschool teacher's job consists of being a role model, making sure the children are safe, and being supportive. First of all, a teacher should always be a good role model. Children will imitate adults, so when they see that their teacher is practicing healthy procedures then they will do the same. It is important that the teacher is on time, finish what was started, and keep their word. Because when children see this, they start to have the mentality that if my teacher can do it then so can I. Also, being calm and patient when children are being very disobedient is a must. A lot of children are used to their parents yelling at them 24/7. When their teacher talks in a calm and assertive manner then they will start to understand that yelling is not the answer. Secondly, a teacher should always keep their children safe. The environment should be spacious enough for when the children play it will help in reducing injuries. The teacher should incorporate games and books that help children in learning safety procedures. The teacher should communicate openly with the children about safe practices. More importantly, there should always be strict supervision. Thirdly, a teacher should be very supportive of her children. Being supportive helps the children understand theirselves and others. The teacher should always encourage and praise her children. This results in the kids having high self-esteem. There are so many children that do not get the support that they need in their families. Because the teacher gives them...
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