Open Door Policy On Migration of Foreign Talent

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Open Door Policy On Migration of Foreign Talent

Open Door Policy on Migration of Foreign Talent? That is to welcome

foreigner talents into a particular country. Counties like Taiwan, Japan, South

Korea, Australia and Singapore has been showing interest in the migration

pool. Recently, Singapore’s Government introduced the white paper bill. The

white paper bill is mainly to increase Singapore’s population through


As Singapore’s population is ageing, the percentage of old people in the

population will be more than that of the young people in many years time. The

white paper bill not only has got immediate effects on increasing Singapore’s

population, it is also within the Government’s control. As Singapore is a well

developed country, many foreigners would choose to migrate to Singapore.

With all the foreigners migrating to Singapore, the Government is good at

controlling the flow of foreigners allowed to migrate into Singapore. Other than

that, not much money would be need to attract the foreigners a Singapore is

a well developed country and that would be enough to attract many

foreigners. Firstly, a well-developed country would actually be attracting many

foreigners and secondly Singapore is really safe. Therefore not much money

would be needed to attract foreigners.

Foreign talents not only helped to increase Singapore’s population

decrease Singapore’s ageing population growth rate, they also help by

providing health care, elder care and domestic services to support

Singapore’s ageing population and working families. After migrating

the foreign talents would actually take up jobs like nursing, so that provides

health care for Singapore. Some of the foreigners came over to Singapore to

be domestic helpers; working families would hire domestic helpers to do the

chores or to help provide babysitting services.

Foreign talents can...
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