Nonverbal Communication and Language

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Self-esteem Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: October 22, 2014

COMMUNICATION: the way people send signals to each other, encompasses both speech and language as well as facial expression, gesture and body language. LANGUAGE: structured communication with rules and a set of symbols – spoken, written or signed – that can be used and understood between people. SPEECH: vocalised language.

SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION NEEDS: term used to refer to any difficulty a child may have in the 3 areas. Difficulty producing sounds = speech, no eye contact = communication. LEARNING: a child has to remember what they have seen earlier, make connections to what they are seeing or hearing now and come to some conclusion. The ability to label something makes it easier for us to remember it. EMOTIONAL: language will help children express their wants and needs and therefore help them handle and control their own emotions. They can begin to recognise and name their emotions. BEHAVIOUR: the acquisition of language helps a child think things over before they do them, focusing more on the consequences of their actions and internally remind themselves of what they need to do or what they should not do. SOCIAL: the ability to recognise emotions in others and alter your behaviour accordingly, understanding social cues given through body language or facial expression and responding appropriately. Where children have difficulties, there are likely to be many effects on their development. Short term effects are:

Low levels of confidence
Difficulty making friends
Difficulties learning new information
Difficulties in applying information to new situations
Find it hard to make themselves understood
Long term effects are:
Low self esteem
Not achieving potential
Found it hard to make and maintain relationships
Became isolated
Not reached independence
Developed antisocial behaviour in some cases
SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS: if high quality support is given, children will quickly show...
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