Never-Ending Cycles in "Dubliners"

Topics: Dubliners, Drug addiction, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: December 16, 2012
In The End, You Can’t Escape.
Ireland was recuperating from a recent depression, and so were families in Dublin. Families were loosely held together and barely active, often having members trying to escape the sad realty they knew as their city. Often through alcohol and broken memories, people find themselves in a mental chaos they can’t escape. Everyone has something that conflicts them somehow. This often led to an even worse setting than they were in, which led to even more bad decisions, and the cycle kept going on. In “Counterparts” we are given the story of a office worker who doesn’t do his job very well. He makes his constant harassment from his boss better by leaving the office multiple times to grab a drink, then eventually leaving early for a night filled with alcohol and regret (Joyce 62). Lastly, in “The Dead” we meet a man who, even after a huge party, finds himself crying when he realizes that he isn’t the true love of his own true love(152). “Counterparts” is a story about a man named Farrington. He is just a normal office worker with a bad addiction to alcohol. He is constantly harassed by his boss for not completing an assignment by the deadline given. Trying to make things a little bit better, he slips out of the office for a quick drink down the street. When he returns, he is greeted by the clients that his assignment was for, and is harassed even more by his boss, right in front of the clients. Realizing there is no chance he can finish the assignment, he leaves work for the day and heads to the bars to meet up with friends. Having no money on him, he is forced to sell his pocket watch to feed his addiction (59). After meeting up with his friends and having a few drinks, he seems to be having a merry time. This doesn’t last the whole night, he is challenged to a competition to see who is stronger between him and another man. Farrington, up until that night, has always been the strongest man around. After being defeated by his younger...
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