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According to a religious philosopher at my temple, belief is something you desire within.

Desiring, wishing, and believing, signify all simple mental acts, yet cannot be defined. Every human being has something they believe in, whether it is a goal or something simple it’s only natural to have these thoughts running through your head. So what is this thing people call “belief”? And what’s to believe in? That’s something I’ve always wondered as a young child. Growing up with low self esteem and problematical decisions, anime showed me how to believe in myself and to start believing in other things as well.

What is “anime”? and why would I believe in something that so many people would consider childish? Anime is an English name for the style of art developed by the Japanese to show a particular dialogue in a shorter method. I started watching anime around the age of six, its something me and my friends reflect on. A particular anime I love and depend on is Naruto. Naruto is a manga named for and about the character Naruto. Naruto is the protagonist. This means that the story is about Naruto. As a protagonist, Naruto has a dream, and because he's a shounen protagonist in particular, he will believe in his dream and pursue it against all odds no matter what. Naruto is about a young boy who is born in the ninja world. His parents died before he was born and was originally born as the vessel of the nine-tailed fox (Kyubi), the demon fox sealed in Naruto that destroyed Konoha and the very thing that killed his parents in the first place. Growing up was a difficult task for Naruto. People looked down on him, Nobody believed in him either. The villagers who were around to remember the tale believe that Naruto is a liability to the village. They hope that he will never become strong and that he’ll die in misery. They act as if he was the monster himself causing him to feel abandoned. Naruto has no idea why he is not accepted, but to prove that he's worth...
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