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Everyday more in more families are falling below the poverty lines in America. Not only is it a matter of finance but also it effects the growth and development of the teenagers living the household. As of 2008, 14 million (19 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty. That is the highest percentage of any other age group. Teen poverty can effect teens in various different ways, such as one's self-esteem,social interaction/relationships,eating habits,and ultimately the chances of graduation due to the lack of participation in school. Poverty can be extremely detrimental on a teens self-esteem and one's self-concept. As explained in the article "Poverty, Parenting, and Children's Mental Health" by Jane D. McLeod and Micheal J. Shanahan, "Clear evidence exists that poor children experience high levels of conduct disorder,behavior problems,depression, and low levels of self-esteem and social adaptation" (McLeod, Shanahan ). This quote exemplify the development of children living in poor situations are more likely to suffer from some type of a defect with self-esteem resulting in negative self-concepts, and behavior problems. This quote connects to the hypothesis with the effects of poverty and how it causes self-esteem issues resulting bad self-image. African Americans seem to be more stricken and effected the greatest by poverty than any other race, as mentioned in the article "Poverty, Parenting, and Children's Mental Health", it states, "Dash attributed child bearing among persistently poor,black teenagers to low self-esteem and the search for self-identity. Similarly, theorist of child development have argued that persistent poverty leads to high levels of psychopathy and poor self concepts among black children "(Mc Cleod, Shanahan ). This quote illustrates the results of low self- esteem can result in child bearing. This quote connects to the hypothesis by linking together poverty and pregnancy to self- esteem. Poverty...

Links: Between Poverty and Obesity During the Transition to Young Adulthood” it states "However, other measures of socioeconomic disadvantages such as neighborhood poverty, and low parental education are related to obesity in both males and females" (Lee, Harris, Larsen). This quote illustrates that things such as your neighborhood or your level of education can have an effect on your weight and chances of obesity. This quote connects to the hypothesis by touching on the subject of obesity and how going into detail about how some unsuspecting factors could contribute to a teen’s obesity.
Participation in school and ultimately lack of graduation could be caused by poverty.
Martial status of an parent can effect a child in such a way, as stated in the article by Sara Mc lanahan, “Economic theory treats children 's educational attainment as a function of household production and parental investment of time and money. According to some economists, marital dissolution (or no marriage) reduces parental investment which, in turn, lowers the intellectual capacity of children and reduces their expected returns to secondary education” (Mc lanahan). This quote illustrates the lack of a parent investment into their child future because of their financial situation. This quote connects to the hypothesis by supporting the graduation rate of teens living in poverty because the parent non- participation in the growth and development of their teen.
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