Module 1, Assignment 1 Online Child Care

Topics: Aggression, Self-esteem, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 3 (607 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Assignment 1
Q1. Why is it important for children to be involved in decision making? * Self esteem
* Self confidence
* Emotional well-being
* Stronger relationships
* Adults = authorative, not controlling
* Telling children what they can/not do without explanation or negotiation can lead to a range of rebellious behaviour, confrontation, intimidation/nervousness in younger children * Adult providing ranges of toys and materials, allowing free play, no controlling is needed * Supervision

* Opportunities and choices – good life skill to gain
Q2. Explain why sometimes children need to be allowed to resolve their conflicts. * Good life skill
* Learning to resolve conflicts can stop bullying
* Less likely to become passive or victims
* No intervention as long as children aren’t resorting to emotional, verbal or physical aggression * Problem solving
* Confidence
* Self esteem
Q3. Give an example of when an adult might need to intervene in a conflict between children. * Observe – can children resolve the conflict?
* Name calling, emotional, physical aggression = IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION * Techniques:
* Distraction
* Talk to children
* Listen to children
* Involve both children at the same time
* Own solutions – NOT YOURS
* Aim: giving children opportunity to take responsibility and gives them a chance to explain why they did it and how they feel * Examples:
* Snatching
* Multiplayer games
* Outdoor play – child ‘not allowed’ to join in
Q4. Why is it important that babies have a keyworker?
* Secondary care giver
* Need to bond – ‘attachment’
* Personal monitor of development
* Main person involved with parents – daily feedback
* Responsible for building a constant, consistent, responsive relationship * Constancy, consistency = NECCESSITY
* Physical contact = holding and cuddling
* Body language = eye...
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