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Topics: Aesthetics, Bullying, A Modest Proposal Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Michael Acevedo
October 29, 2014
CF2: A Modest Proposal Essay
A Modest Proposal for Unprepossessing People in the World, to Become the Perfect Version of Themselves and to be Accepted by Societies Standards Preface
People are very self-conscious about their appearance and their flaws are used against them. People are bullied constantly on the way they look and act. Which causes sell doubt and can lead to depression. Introduction

It’s a somber experience to those, who are considered unattractive, to be put beneath people who are fortunate for appeling features and attributes. These unattractive people are outcast of society. They’re bullied, thought less of, and all around mistreated. In our society today, its thought that you are perfect the way you are. Well that’s a load of bull, if you don’t look and act a certain way, you’ll be cast out from public decency and respect. These people are lied too, and at some point they have to accept the ugly truth. That they may never be accepted as equals. Proposal

I therefore humbly propose my own ideas regarding this issue. I am assured that nobody is born perfect. So I do therefore humbly offer, that all people are required, by law, to undergo drastic cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance, on their 18th birthday. Once a person turns 18 theyre forced to have a reconstruction of his or her face. Also changes must be made to their bodies as well. A person must have at least 4% body fat and have a 6-8 pack, before they turn 18. Failure to meet or comply with these requirements will result in imprisonment. Once imprisoned, inmates are subjected to rigorous amounts of physical exercise and labor, such as having to do pushups for half a day and sit-ups for the other half, all without stopping. Failing to comply within a year of imprisonment will result in the death penalty. Solutions/Benefits

No longer will people be flawed, everyone will become the perfect versions of themselves. All I will see is...
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