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Unit 305 – Understand person – centred approached in adult care settings

Outcome 1 - Understand person centred approaches in adult social care.

1.1 Person-Centred Values in care is an approach that respects and values the uniqueness of the individual, and seeks to maintain or if required, restore their individuality. This is done by creating an environment that promotes the personal worth, uniqueness, and social confidence of the individual as well as respect, independence and hope.

1.2 Person-centred care values must influence all aspects of health and social care work. Health and social care should be based on person-centred values, and should be individualised as this is a law requirement (Human Rights Act 1998, Health and Social care Act 2012, Codes of practice for Social Care Workers, etc). If person-centre values that underpin all work in the health and social care sector are followed as they should be then all individuals should feel that and health and social workers ensure that: • the individual is supported in accessing their rights

• the individual is treated has an individual
• the individual is supported to exercise choice
• ensure the individual have privacy if they want it
• support the individual to be as independent as possible
• treat all individuals with dignity and respect
To ensure the above is followed will influence all aspect of health and social care it is important to ensure that all individuals are treated as such and person- centred care should ensure this.

1.3 It’s important to respect the rights of the individual to be at the centre of their own care. This means that workers must focus on what the individual wants and how they want it to be provided.

Outcome 2 – Understand how to implement a person centred approach in an adult social care setting

2.1 This will look at a variety of different things depending on the individual being assessed, for example, physical, emotional, social, Spiritual, communication, support or care needs. Also this gives you a better understanding of the diversity of your clients.

2.2 This could be that someone removes the protective dressing on a wound as soon as its dressed which can cause infection and the family are complaining that she always takes the dressing off but if the individual has full capacity to make her own choices and knows what she is doing all we can do is implement care plans which cover this.

2.3 Care plans are the primary source of client information. Every speciality; PT/OT/Nursing etc do and record an evaluation of the individual and formulate a programme of goals, levels etc. Each person interacting with the client can refer to the care plan for any information needed about the client. When done correctly, the care plan reflects a total person and how to best help them fulfil their goals. 2.4

Outcome 3 – Understand the importance of establishing consent when providing care and support.


3.2 Good communication skills, verbal and non-verbal as well as written consent, as well as active listening, playing a key role when gaining consent and the use of appropriate information.

3.3 Whilst complying with legal requirements, and abiding by relevant legislation we must act in our best interests of the individual, work towards solving conflicts with the use of extra support, such as an advocate if necessary. And where appropriate to contact the person whom has legal responsibility. We must also record such information.

Outcome 4 – Understand how to implement and promote active participation.

4.1 By empowering and encouraging individuals to participate in their own care, this then helps promote other physical benefits such as; increase their independence and self confidence, as well as autonomy and well being. It may also give the client a good sense of purpose.

4.2 Active participation helps the individual to feel involved, make choices and feel empowered. This can support the holistic needs of...
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