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Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills – Year One, Module One

“Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the clients issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues”

Sarah Dawson

(LEEDS1A 11)

Module Leader: Susan Steward

“Using the case study provided at the end of the module identify and explain the clients issues and devise a course of treatment for him, taking into account any ethical issues”

The essay will identify and then explain what the case study I feel is suggesting about the client. Focusing on underlying issues the client may have faced in their past / present life. It will identify a best working practice and explain how their modalities will be used when working with this client. It will identify a course of treatment which will include the client’s visual modality; to produce a relaxation screed which will be used during therapy with use of the client’s special place.

The case study I believe identifies a client who is clearly afraid of rejection in all areas of his life, these include his personal and professional life. The client appears to be afraid of commitment and the fear that if he commits to something he won’t be accepted. For example I feel he is afraid on a professional and personal level, that if he goes for a drink with his work colleagues, there is a fear that they will reject him, as they already think he’s boring. The client feels if he applies to be a manager, it will change the way people think of him, this reflecting the concept he doesn’t wish to upset “the apple cart”. The client is fearful the relationship will change within the work setting as he may no longer be an equal, as he would have to take a more senior role, this impacting greater on his feeling of wanting to be liked and accepted.

On a personal level he is afraid to ask his girlfriend to marry him as he may be put in a situation where she will say ‘no’. He lacks self-esteem and feels he doesn’t have anything of worth to offer his girlfriend. The client appears to suffer from anxiety, he often question’s himself and his ability, which leads to an eagerness to please others and to care about what other people think of him.The client shows that he has a fear of change, the idea of the unknown, this I believe links back to the client being in the same job for 18 years.

The client started at the estate agents when he was 27 years old, so it appears he is a loyal and trustworthy working part of the team. It implies that he is good at his job, as on many occasions he has stood in for the manager when he has been on leave. This implies that perhaps his company expects him to take on the role of the manager when needed and he appears to be no better thought of. This may have links to his self-esteem issues and the fact that he has no self-worth to believe that he can progress. As to fill in when the manager is away is an expectation of him and nothing else, perhaps he is happy to do this and this links back to this feeling of knowing what is expected of him. Which again provides him with a known routine and if he makes a choice for change, this known routine is taken away and it then becomes the unknown and that fact he could fail comes back to a fear of been rejected.

The client appears to suffer from paranoid episodes as he often questions what other people would think of him and often answers these questions with a negative belief about himself. A big part of his life is his mother, he appears to feel safe and secure with her, she appears to show no love or support. Although his mother constantly seems to pull him down, he has a commitment to her, and fear of breaking away or upsetting his mother is over bearing and he doesn’t want to let her down. It appears the client feels he is a failure to his mother, and wants to make his mother feel proud, and feels applying for the manager’s role...
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