Military Appreciation Day

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|Military Appreciation Day | |Meetings and Event Management SUMA10 – Sec A | |Instructor: Kelli Price | | | | | |8/22/2010 |

|This analysis provides the basic outline for Military Appreciation Day. |


IntroductionPage 3

Date of EventPage 3

Number of AttendeesPage 3

Staff RequirementsPage 4

Event PlanPage 4

Food and Beverage VendorsPage 6

Alcohol vendorsPage 6

Non-Food VendorsPage 6

Marketing PlanPage 7

BudgetPage 10

TechnologyPage 11

Accommodation provided for special needs guestPage 12

Emergency StaffPage 12

Contracts Page 12

PermitsPage 12

BibliographyPage 14

Military Appreciation Day

The event I will be planning will be consisting of an event to show appreciation for the military and to have a chance for young people to see what the military is about and be able for the attendees to be able to ask questions and receive valuable information about the military and the way they perform in society today. Considering that our economy is down, this is a great way for civilians to learn about the military and for the military to be able to recruit new recruits and officers, if they are able to qualify for the military’s strict recruitment guidelines. The event will show demonstrations by all branches of the Armed Forces.

Date of Event

The location for the event will be at the Kansas City speedway on Sunday, May 29, 2011. This day falls on Memorial Day weekend and therefore making it possible for all whom want to attend the event to be able. This event serves a dual purpose to inform as well as recognize former military personnel.

Number of Attendees

The approximate number of attendees is undeterminable, because the event is open to the public, it is on Memorial Day weekend, and there may be people in from out of town whom just want to see the demonstrations after hearing about the event.

Staff Requirements

The staff will consist of approximately 16 volunteer staff members. They will be in charge of setting up the event and ensuring that every aspect goes as planned. There will be five group leaders. The group will consist of three people per group that includes the group leader. The groups will be parking, venue operations, vendors (non-food), vendors (food), and a group that plans the military demonstrations out and helps the military with anything that they may need.

There will be speaker throughout the event taking about their experience in the military. The speakers will consist of both past and present military members. They will share with the attendees their life stories and military experiences, to give to audience a better picture of what military life is and what it has to offer its members.

Event Plan

The plan for the event will start at 1100 and will conclude at 1900. The day will start of by playing the national anthem followed by a fly over of F-16 fighter jets. There will be a demonstration of helicopter maneuvers follow this part. Then they will be a current military member as...

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